Ruins of the castle church Holy Trinity in Mielnik

Mielnik was a former stronghold, guarding the crossing from the River Bug. Over 60% of the area is covered in forest which is said to give the area healing properties, and there are several protected reserves so it's great for nature lovers.


The remains of the castle were built by the Prince of Kiev presumably mid 11th century. Although not much of the castle remains, it is still possible to make out the main structure of the building including the moat, walls and the remains of the former church. More information can be discovered in the local museum which also holds suits of armour, weapons and paintings from the era.


There is also Gora Zamkowa, another stronghold, which was made mainly from wood but was burnt down by the Swedes in 1656 but the remains of an old stone chapel, built to celebrate the rescue of Tsar Alexander II can still be seen, this was also the site that Mielnik made a union with Lithuania.


Mielnik also has a Catholic and Orthodox church.


For sports fans Mielnik also has a football team "MKS Mielnik", fixtures are available on their website. "Days of Mielnik" is also held annually with live music, food and drink stands, musicians to have performed herein the past include Ewa Farna. A short distance away there is also a Llama farm where you can feed and pet the animals.


Ruins of the castle and church of the Holy Trinity in Mielnik musicians to have performed here in the past include Ewa Farna